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To notify you guys that its really hard for me to keep up with all the updates as I have college so I am active on summer.
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— Henry’s Fantastic MV Storyline
anyone didn’t get the storyline?? okay let me explain XD

fisrt of all Exo got lost in the stupid SM maze since (overdose) mv  so SM sent Henry to search for them but he had found out the seulgi or whatever her name is has kidnapped Exo as a revenge on SM cause it have been a year and she hadn’t been Debuted yet  … she didn’t knew Henry has a supernatural power so he turned her into a violin and tried to know where exo is … henry forgot that the violin dont speak so sure he wont know where exo is .. so he got lost too and kept singing  ( dear SM if you have a GPS IT’S GONNA BE FANTASTIC and no one will be lost in your stupid maze)

Siwon’s Car from 2007-2014 ^^ getting lux and expensive~~